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About Arrington Magny

Arrington Magny is an American abstract painter born in Mississippi.  She had an affinity for the arts from a very young age and won several awards as a child and adolescent.  In 2003, Magny began her formal study of the arts in Mississippi, continuing to further training in Colorado and California in the US, then Australia, France and Italy.  


Magny has exhibited her paintings across the US, in Europe and Asia.  She has won numerous awards and been featured in international magazines such as Condé Nast Home and Garden and World of Interiors Magazine.  


In recent years Magny has lived in Florida and Mississippi in the US, Guatemala and France.  Living between cultures and countries contributes to the breadth of experiences synthesized in her layered compositions.   


Magny paints primarily on canvas, using a wide range of materials: charcoals, pastels, oil and acrylic paints, ink, plaster, sand, earth.  The physical layers of these materials form a manipulated surface, which through a sort of excavation process of creation and destruction, images become unearthed. The subsequent works are driven more by intuition than observation, the process more a feeling than a knowing.


In both the process and content of her art, Magny interested in the layering not only of physical materials, but of time, space and memory, of painting and drawing, and of multifarious associations and meanings.  The content of her work is frequently ambiguous. It is a quest for beauty, a search for meaning, for connections between everything; each painting is a visual record of these inquisitions.


For the viewer, Magny aspires to create an alternative resting place for your gaze; one that is a contrast to, or perhaps a repose from, the often exhausting world in which we exist, which can be so fast and so loud, lacking tenderness and shame, filled with violence, oppression, exploitation, vanity and displacement.  


In brief, she would much rather whisper sincerely to you, than to scream.

For more information and a full Curriculum Vitae, please contact Arrington.

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